September 2015 - January 2016 / Mřnstring2016, Group exhibition at the Art Museum Fřrde / Norway

The Art Museum in Fřrde / Norway is showing one of my works called “Let me take you to a waterfall." I am part of an exhibition called MŘNSTRING 2015. The show will be present til January 2016, if you are around check it out, it is a nice exhibition.

Click here to get to the Homepage of the museum

January 2015 / 10 x 10 = 100% JACQUARD in Lithuania

The work The Waterfall will be part of a contemporary art exhibition in Vilnius, on 23 January - 21 February 2015.

Click here to get the the Homepage of 10 x 10 = 100% JACQUARD

July 2014 Contextile 2014 / contemporary Textile art Biennial in Portugal

I have been selected to contribute with one of my work (The Mountain) at this years CONTEMPORARY TEXTIL ART BIENNIAL — that takes place from the July 26 to the October 11 at Guimarães city in PORTUGAL.

Click here to get the the Homepage of Contextile

June 2014 Decoration Artwork / TUI / ICart

I have been assigned to create a tapestry for the reception area of one of the TUI cruiseship fleet.

I am really looking forward to start work on this project, you can follow the process of the 2 x 7 meters big digital textile art work on my Facebook account.

Click here to get to Facebook account Visual Artist Karina Siegmund

April 2014 SABOtasje / contemporary Textile art exhibition in Norway

Opening 17Th of april, at 1900 o´clock a very interesting art show will be opening it´s doors at an old textile weavery in Innvik, Norway

A group of artist will show the versatility of using the jaquard weaving technique in their art.

April 2013 / Interview at

Read about my latest project Called Tekstilfabrikken here, it is in norwegian.

Read the article here

April 2013 / Judge at UKM

I am invited to be part of the juree komitee for the UKM (Ungdommens Kulturmønstring), Fylkesmønstring i Sogn og Fjordane in Førde. I am looking forward for a weekend of creative, talented youngsters - the next generation of artist? entertainers?. In UKM, you can experience all kinds of cultural expressions. UKM (Youth Culture) is a network of small local festivals where youth can participate with all kinds of cultural expressions. Each municipality sends qualified youths on to a county muster as representatives of their district. Each county sends in turn about. 30 participants for the national UKM festival

March 2013 / artist grant

I am happy to tell that I received a norwegian artist grant called diversestipend. I invested in a digital weaving loom machine for my workshop, so this money is of good help. Tusen takk!

Spring 2013 / Gallery FORMAT Bergen "Picture this"

Gallery Format is inviting to a group exhibition around the theme "Picture this" from the 1st of march to 7th of april. I am looking foward to be part of it, and will show a work that has as an inspiration urban everyday life.

Visit Gallery FORMAT homepage.

09 November 2012 / Gallery MYR

I will have my first solo show in Stryn, at the Gallery MYR. I will show The Mountain and one piece of the The Waterfall Series. The exhibition opens friday the 9th of november at 1800 and will lighten up the darkness until the end of the year.

The work The Mountain received the Talente 2012 price, for best international textile art for artists and designers under 33 years. Both works are multimedial textile installations, combining tapestry with video projection.

Visit Gallery MYR´s Homepage.

October 2012 / Teaching

Mo og Jølster Vidergående Skule (High School) invited me to give a 2 week workshop in teaching digital weaving and art in public spaces to the students.

The students learned about the process to go from an idea to the finished product - how to use the manual driven digital weaving loom, TC1, how to create a digital weaving file, as well about innovative materials that can be used in weaving and about electronic textiles.

Visit the schools homepage

Summer 2012 / upcoming exhibitions

June - August 2012 / Work: The Snowstorm / Gallery Format / Oslo / Norway

August 2012 / Solund Kunstlag / Solund / Norway

September 2012 / Work: Into the blue ... / Det nye Kunstmuseet Førde / Norway

Autumn 2012 / Gallery Myr / Stryn / Norway

Summer 2012 / Into the blue

I am into the production of "Into the blue", a multimedial textile installation for the opening of the new art museum in Førde in september 2012. The work is the outcome of 3 year artistic work of my art grant I received by the norwegian state. The installation is combining textile (tapestry) with film and sound. Inspiration is the glacier, with its glowing blue ice and fantastic soundscapes of ice and water. Aim of the Poetic Realism project is to create interactive textile structures.

Read more about my art project: Poetic Realism

June 2012 / Gallery Format

Gallery Format in Oslo, Norway will be showing my work "The Snowstorm" at its annual summer exhibition. The exhibition will be open 2 month, and is situated in Norways capital city Oslo, RĂĄdhusgĂĄten 24. Opening of the exhibition will be 9th of June, Welcome!

Visit Gallery Format Homepage.

Mai 2012 / Textile Forum Magazine

The international, european Textile Forum Magazine, is reporting in its recent issue about my newly received Talente price.

Visit textile Forum Magazine Homepage

March 2012 / Statens Kunstnerstipend

I am glad to report that I received a prolonging of the Statens Arbeidsstipend for 1 year. Tusen Takk! I am using the grant to work on my project called Poetic Realism, an art project with the aim to create interactive textile structures. CLick here, to read more about the project and follow my work.

March 2012 / Talente Price

I received the Talente 2012 Price for best textile work (with the work: The Mountain), at the Talente (Arts&Crafts and Design exhibition in Munich), It was send in 600 applications, they choose 98 works, from 28 countries.


14th - 20th of March 2012 / Talente 2012

I have been selected to be part of Talente 2012 show in Munich / Germany. "The International Trade Fair for the Skilled Trades Munich is a special competition show for works in applied arts. Talente 2012 will offer a chance for the new generation in applied arts and technology to show their work in Munich, Germany. The Talente Prize will be awarded to the creators of the best works and a special illustrated catalogue will be published.

Read more about the price.

October - November 2011 / Artist Residency at KHiB

I received a 4 weeks artist residency at the Norwegian National Academy of the Arts, Norway. Aim is to work on an application for the PHD programme.

Visit the schools homepage.

17th Sept- 11th Dec 2011 / KunsthĂĄndverk 2011

The work The Mountain has been choosen to be in this years Art&Crafts exhibition at the Nasjonalmuseet. The exhibition will be shown til 11th of december 2011. Welcome!

Read more about the exhibition

Read more about the work

September/ ConAnima

I am invited to an artist collaboration ConAnima to create a lightinstallation with the text of the poet Ivar Orvedal. Con a'nima, ital., [mus.] sjelefullt, med varme, 'som har ande'. Utøvarane kjem frå mange kantar av verden og glødar av kosmopolitisk skaparlyst. Vi let oss inspirere av skapande milestolpar i historie og myte, men ynskjer ikkje å repetere. Det er oss ikkje framand korkje agitasjon eller meditasjon, korkje jordskjelv eller andakt. Vi er der i den levande augneblinken då vi frigjer vår eigen pust.

Read about Ivar Orvedal (in norwegian language!)

August 2011 / The Glacier is sold

Førde commune has bought one of my art works "The Glacier" for its art collection.

Visit the communes homepage.

22nd - 23rd Of June 2011 / OLED workshop and Summit

I will be joining a workshop about OLED / organic LED/ in London, 22nd-23rd of June. Workshop is part of The OLED Lighting Design Summit. There I am invited to be part of the Panel: Designer input panel - possibilities for OLED.

Read the program

12 May 2011 - 12 June / VĂĄrutstillinga

Sogn og Fjordane Art Center is inviting for this years VĂĄrutstillinga / Springexhibition with all the artist of Sogn og Fjordane / Norway. I will show my textile/video Installation The Mountain. Welcome!

Visit the Art Center

Read the catalogue here

February 2011 / Lys i gamle hus

Dale is inviting to an interdisciplinary art happening. Musicians, poets, artists, photographers will show their work Saturday the 19th. I will show several weaving works, and The Mountain, a textile/video Installation. The Mountain is Part IV of the Other places than Home Series. Welcome!

Visit my Blog.

November 2010 / Interactive Fiber Lab

My studio with workshop for electronic textiles is now operative. I am equipped with all tools, materials, electronic hard and software, fibers and yarns necessary to create interactive environments, objects and Installations. Weaving chair and spinning wheel help me to combine optic fiber, el wire / light cable, conductive yarns, different kinds of fibers (natural, synthetic, animal, metal ) into electronic textiles, that can carry light and sound. Follow my work via blog, or pay a visit when you are around! Welcome!

Visit my Blog.

26th of Oct 2010 / Speech at Ragnarock, Milano - Italy

I am invited to talk at Ragnarock, a nordic festival with the goal to promote Nordic best practices in terms of environment, green economy, and corporate responsibility through art, music, cultural and political meetings, exhibitions, and cultural events. Theme on the 26th of Oct 2010 will be that North Europe and Italy confront each other on the future of Nordic artists, architects and designers meet their Italian counterparts to talk about the role of culture, design and architecture in the new Ecological Age.

Visit Ragnarock Webside and read the day´s program.

23rd of Oct 2010 / Exhibition Opening Tilknyting

Opening of the travel exhibition of Tilknyting, in Norlandia Vesterland, Kaupanger in Norway, at 1400. The exhibition will travel for one year with stops in Sogndal, Luster, Førde, Stryn, Svelgen, Måloy, Fløro, Gloppen, Hoyanger, Balestrand. Two of my works are shown, The Glacier and The Coast. Welcome!

Visit my Blog.

24th - 25th of Sept 2010 / Enmeshed: Architecture and Textiles Conference

I ll be joining an international conference exploring the relationship between architecture and textiles in contemporary design practice. The Conference takes place at Konstfack / Stockholm.

Visit my Blog.

17th - 19th of Sept 2010 / Exhibition at Vevring

Exhibition opening of Vevringutstillinga at Vevring, Norway, Friday 17th Sept 2010 at 1100. The exhibition will be open from Friday til Sunday, 11 til 18. Two of my works will be exhibited, the digital weave tapestry The Glacier and Fjord, Baby! a Video/Textile Installation as a tribute to Vevring.

Visit the Blog.

July / Arrival of first material and book order

It fills me with joy! My first big material and book order arrivd in my studio. The shelfs are filling with all kinds of materials and technic. Different yarns from vegetable fibre (papir, tree, banana, hemp ....) to animal (alpacca, sheep, beaver, ...) and synthetic (el-wire, optic fibre). Books: Metamorphosis by Elisabetta Cianfanelli and Stoffel Kuenen (a book that gives a good insight on future fashions wearable technology market), Textile Architecture by Sylvie KrĂĽger. But read more about it all on my blog.

Visit the Blog.

July / Launch of my Blog

It is done! I invite you to follow my art practice, inspiration and lots of info about materials on my Blog called Poetic Realism. I invite you to share and comment your knowledge and experience!

Visit the Blog.

July / Sogn og Fjordane Etablerarstipend

I am gald to announce that I received the regions artist stipend. Tusen Takk to the Sogn og Fjordane Fylkeskommune!

Visit their Homepage. Read more about the stipend.

June 1st - 4th 2010 / Worklab: Soft Technology

Interactive textiles and how textiles visualize the environment and power my mobile. From 1st till 4th of June, Diffus Design holds a four-day worklab at Atelier Nord. Diffus is a design company, working with theoretical and practical approach towards art, design, architecture and new media. Recent work of Diffus is the LED-Powered Climate Dress that monitors pollution.

Read more about Diffus. Read more about the worklab.

May 25th 2010 / Vevringutstillinga

I am thrilled to announce that I am invited to be part of this years Vevringutstillinga. The exhibition is situated in the "Kunstbygda" (transl ArtVillage) Vevring - a small but, despite to many other places at the westcoast of Norway, growing village in its number of inhabitants dued to its special attitude towards art and culture. The exhibition was founded in 1979 and shows nordic contemporary art.

Read more about Vevringutstillinga.

Blog soon to come

I am working on building up a blog where I share my inspiration, source of knowledge, other interesting people/artists/materialgurus/lifepreachers/etc ... it is soon to come. There you can as well read about materials, get insights into my recent works, get a sneak preview of materials I ordered, received and produced (my own conductive yarn) and last but not least, share it all with me.

May 8 - 9th 2010 / Camp Pluckyfluff

The textile artist Lexi Boeger/ Placerville, California, USA will give a spinning workshop that introduces techniques to create your own new and original styles. Pluckyfluff´s creations of garn, her experimental approach in material and size, is motivating me to learn how to produce my own garn for my work.
Read more about the Camp Pluckyfluff on Spinnvilt. Visit Lexi Boegers Blogg.

April 1st 2010 / Studio ready to use

After searching, renovating and installing my Studio situated in the Gamle Kommunehuset in Dale i Sunnfjord is ready for use. Feel free to visit me!

March 26th 2010 / Statens Kunstnerstipend

I am glad to report that I received Statens Arbeidsstipend for 2 years. Tusen Takk!
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March 15 - 18th 2010 / Wearable Sound Experiments

I was attending a workshop in Wearable Sound Experiments at Atelier Nord, Oslo run by Hannah Perner-Wilson and Miko Satomi. The workshop introduces basic soft electronics techniques for constructing fabric sensors and wearable circuits.
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February 24 - 26th 2010 / Electronics with the Arduino

In this workshop run by Scott Fitzgerald (NY) at Atelier Nord, Oslo, I learned about how to translate information from the physical world into digital information with the arduino.
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January 20th 2010 / Office at Fjaler Naeringsutvikling

Fjaler Naeringsutvikling is helping in Fjaler Kommune, Norway entrepreneurs to establish their ideas. I will be joining their program, with the aim to establish myself as an artist in Sogn og Fjordane.
Read more about Fjaler Naeringsutvikling.

January 22nd - 31st 2010 / Kunsthåndverkernes stipendsøkerutstilling 2010

The Glacier, taken out of the serie Other places than home ... will be shown at the RĂĄdhusgalleriet in Oslo. Welcome!
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